What’s Next?

SUPERNATURAL PREMIERE IS TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!  I am so excited about this that words can not begin to describe it which is impressive for a writer.

Anyway, I decided on the eve of the premiere to just jot down a few key points that I really really hope they address over the upcoming season.  It doesn’t even have to be in the first episode, just at some point before the finale.  Preferably sooner than that.

1.) The first thing is, I’m sure, at the front of everyone’s minds.  Mary Winchester.  Is she sticking around for the long haul?  Is there some kind of catch involved with Amara bringing her back?  The thing I’ve always loved the most about this show is the brothers’ bond with each other.  It’s them against the world.  And as much as I love Mary and I’m thrilled Dean and Sam will get to spend at least a little time with her, I’m worried about how she will fit in with them and their lifestyle.

2.) The British Men of Letters.  They are apparently a very smoothly run, long standing group and yet they only JUST decided to notice that people have been using their American Chapter Bunker?  Sam and Dean have been living/working there for going on about 4 years now, having been given the key in Season 8.  Why do they care now??

3.) Lucifer to me seems kind of like a young adult who doesn’t know what they want to do for a living so they bounce around from job to job, looking for the right one.  He tried starting the apocalypse and wound up in a hole in the ground.  He came back using Castiel’s body to try and take down Amara and got taken down instead.  So now he’s a rockstar?  Maybe that could be interesting but I’m a little doubtful on that front.  I’m taking a “wait and see” policy.

 4.) I definitely want to see some more Jody, Claire, and Alex.  I think they could do a spin off show called Supernatural Jr. or something where we follow their lives, but just to see them in one or two more episodes and find out how everyone’s doing, especially after the whole Vampire attack in the last episode we saw them in would be great.

5.) Crowley and Rowena.  Talk about dysfunctional family issues.  I love both of them and they’d seemed to sort of put aside their “each trying to kill the other” tirade at the end of the season to work together with the Winchesters, Lucifer, and God to fight Amara, but now that that issue has gone by the wayside, I’m very curious to see what will happen next and who will triumph.

And the mention of God brings me to my final wishlist item.  The biggest one.

6.) Over the course of the few episodes that we’d seen God in person, he called out Lucifer and Metatron…albeit briefly for both…on their little trying to be God stints but he never once mentioned Castiel’s attempt.  And Cas’ attempt was far more disastrous than either of the other two, so I’m dying to find out what he would say about that.  Of course, that would only happen if he returned from his and Amara’s sibling retreat, which hasn’t been made clear if that’s going to happen or not yet.  But for the love of Chuck, I hope he does.

All will be revealed.  Starting tomorrow.  As I might have mentioned, I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Bring it on Supernatural.






What’s Next?

Life Lines.

So for my next list, I’ve decided to go with a little something called ::

11 Times Quotes From Supernatural Perfectly Summed Up Your Situation.

1.) When one of your bosses irritates you to no end.

Dean — “Can I shoot her?”

Sam — “…not in public.”

2.) When one of your friends say they can’t go out to dinner with you because they have to study and then later you find out that “study” actually means binge watch Supernatural on Netflix.

Dean — “Oh well it’s nice to know what matters.”

Castiel — “It does help one to focus.”

3.) Whenever anyone mentions anything about Game of Thrones.

Castiel — “I don’t understand that reference.”

4.) Anytime anyone ever asks you if you think you’re funny.

Dean — “I think I’m adorable.”

5.) When your friend walks into a door.

 Sam — “I’m not supposed to laugh, right?”

6.) When you’re undecided if you are going to go out with friends and they ask if you’re coming.

 Bobby — “No, I’m gonna riverdance.”

When you are frantically looking for your matching shoe five minutes before you have to leave and your mom comes up to see what’s taking so long.

Sam — “I lost my shoe.”

8.) When you are trying to have a conversation with someone but someone else keeps interrupting.

Dean — “Well then you’re next on my list buttercup, but right now I need five minutes with him.”

9.) When you and your sister go to the track to run and she asks what your goal is.

Sam — “So what’s the plan here?”

Dean — “Don’t die.”

10.) Anytime someone tells you they love you.

Charlie/Dean — “I know.”

11.) When you find someone as crazily obsessed with Supernatural as you are.

Charlie — “Can we be best friends now?”






















Life Lines.

Returning From The Dead.

So I, like our beloved show Supernatural does on occasion ((and in fact is doing right now due to the season coming to a close)), took a little hiatus but I am back to posting now and thought I’d kick things off with a little list I like to call ::

11 Reasons You Know You Should Have Been Born In The Supernatural Reality & Not Ours.

1.) Every time you see a Chevy Impala on the road you wave at it and say “hi baby” even if your windows might accidentally be rolled down and the person driving the car gives you the strangest look you might have ever received.

2.) You never say “oh my god” or “for the love of god” anymore, but instead replace the word “God” with “Chuck” because come on, he was absolutely hysterical & a perfect God.

3.) Every time…and I mean every time…the lights flicker, instead of remaining calm like a normal person and looking for the fuse box, you look for the salt.

4.) Every time someone mentions the word ‘devil’ or ‘satan’ you just start cracking up thinking of Lucifer sulking in Dean’s room, listening to loud punk music in an angsty teenage rebellion type way.

5.) You will never look at pudding the same way again.

6.) LARPing is actually cool & fun & not at all lame.

7.) You are more certain than ever before that family truly doesn’t end with blood.

8.) You know that death is not always goodbye forever. 

9.) Families never give up on each other. 

10.) You know that no matter how badly you fight with your siblings, you will never ever come close to being the world’s largest sibling feud, thanks to Chuck & Amara, who should really be their own tv show.


11.) You are well aware that the driver picks the music & shotgun shuts their cake hole.







Returning From The Dead.