Life Lines.

So for my next list, I’ve decided to go with a little something called ::

11 Times Quotes From Supernatural Perfectly Summed Up Your Situation.

1.) When one of your bosses irritates you to no end.

Dean — “Can I shoot her?”

Sam — “…not in public.”

2.) When one of your friends say they can’t go out to dinner with you because they have to study and then later you find out that “study” actually means binge watch Supernatural on Netflix.

Dean — “Oh well it’s nice to know what matters.”

Castiel — “It does help one to focus.”

3.) Whenever anyone mentions anything about Game of Thrones.

Castiel — “I don’t understand that reference.”

4.) Anytime anyone ever asks you if you think you’re funny.

Dean — “I think I’m adorable.”

5.) When your friend walks into a door.

 Sam — “I’m not supposed to laugh, right?”

6.) When you’re undecided if you are going to go out with friends and they ask if you’re coming.

 Bobby — “No, I’m gonna riverdance.”

When you are frantically looking for your matching shoe five minutes before you have to leave and your mom comes up to see what’s taking so long.

Sam — “I lost my shoe.”

8.) When you are trying to have a conversation with someone but someone else keeps interrupting.

Dean — “Well then you’re next on my list buttercup, but right now I need five minutes with him.”

9.) When you and your sister go to the track to run and she asks what your goal is.

Sam — “So what’s the plan here?”

Dean — “Don’t die.”

10.) Anytime someone tells you they love you.

Charlie/Dean — “I know.”

11.) When you find someone as crazily obsessed with Supernatural as you are.

Charlie — “Can we be best friends now?”






















Life Lines.