Amusing Ages.


So another thing I’ve been observing for quite awhile is the fact that Sam looked the exact same when he was 8 all the way up to when he was like 14 while Dean dramatically changed even from just 16 to 17.  I mean, I know it has to do with not being able to get the same actors & stuff; I just thought it was funny.



Amusing Ages.

Plot Holes & Extras.

Plot Holes ::

So one thing that really bothers me about shows in general is when they don’t follow their own plot.  I understand that different writers are writing different episodes but it’s not all that hard to look back and the synopsis of the show and keep to basic things.  A few shows, like Bones & 7th Heaven have so many that I stopped watching them.  Supernatural, as far as I can tell, does a pretty good job following their own plot ((though this might be because I am biased and don’t want to look too hard lol)).  The one thing that just jumps out at me when I think of plot holes for this show is when Dean is sent back in time & meets up with his father in the diner.  John is talking to the older man who tells him to say hello to his father for him & John says “will do”…but as we all know, John’s father time travelled to Sam & Dean’s era & ended up dying.  And all this happened when John was just a kid, so John clearly would not be able to say hello to his father for the older man.

Extras ::

So I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed that Supernatural has a tendency to bring back a lot of the same actors & actresses to play different extras on the show.  I think it’s kind of fascinating.  I’m going to list all the ones I can remember, but I’m sure I will miss a few.  Here goes.

Ty Olson — Played Eli in Season 2 before he came back as Benny in the later seasons

Erica Carroll — Had two different roles in the episodes “Faith” & “Something Wicked” before returning as the recurring role of Hannah

Emily Tennant — She was the upset Paris Hilton Fan # 1 in “Fallen Idols” in Season 5 & then returned to play Tasha, Kate’s sister, in “Paper Moon”

Elysia Rotaru — She essentially played two hooker roles, appearing first as Victoria in “Of Grave Importance” in Season 7, returning in Season 10’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” as Shaylene

Laci J. Mailey — First appearance was in “There Will Be Blood” in Season 7 where she portrayed Emily, the girl kidnapped by the Alpha Vampire; she then returned for two episodes in Season 11 as Jenna, the cop the boys met in the premiere.

Ryan Grantham — Playing Todd in Season 4’s “Wishful Thinking”, he then had a very small cameo role in Season 11’s Premiere as the hunting boy that Cas told to run so he wouldn’t hurt him

Nicholas Carella — Playing the janitor in Season 6’s “Mannequin 3: The Reckoning”, he then returned in Season 9’s “#Thinman” as Norwood

Gordon Michael Woolvett — He first appeared as the deputy in Season 7’s “Frontierland” & then returned as Ezra in Season 9’s “King of the Damned”

Like I said, I’m sure I’ve probably missed some, but these were just a few things I’d been thinking about lately, trying to get through the “hell-atus”






Plot Holes & Extras.

Stop Hating On The Writers!

Ok, so over the last couple of years I have taken to reading a lot of the comments on Supernatural’s Facebook page after each new episode to see how other people felt about it.  Now most people tend to be right along my wavelength but I’ve also seen a bunch of negative, “wow, that episode sucked, running out of ideas, huh writers” kind of comments.  And they really piss me off.

Maybe it’s just because I’m a writer and I feel sort of connected to other writers because I know what they go through, but no matter what the reason, there is absolutely no reason for comments like that.  If you didn’t like the episode, fine, just say that.  Don’t be a child about it.  There have been over 200 episodes of Supernatural written so of course a few of them are not going to be up to par with the rest.  Even I, a die-hard fan who is not the best at being critical of things I love, am not a fan of a couple of them.  But I don’t blame the writers or the actors or the creator of the show or anyone else.  Because there’s no reason for blame.  No one episode can appeal to every single person out there.  Everyone has different likes and dislikes and personal experiences to draw upon that might make them feel a certain way about the episode that is completely different from someone else’s opinion and also has nothing to do with the writing of it.

Take the last episode ((“Just My Imagination”)) for an example.  If you had an imaginary friend as a kid, you might be more prone to love the episode than if you didn’t.  That’s not the writers’ fault.  And if you didn’t like the concept of that episode, or any of the others, that’s not the writers’ fault either.  The brothers relationship with each other was the same, their personalities were the same ((Dean with his quick tongue, Sam with his compassion, etc.)); the writing was spot on.

Every time I see one of those types of comments I really just want to be like “ok, then YOU go write an episode and let’s see how well you do.”  I mean, everyone involved in Supernatural works incredibly hard to produce this wonderful show and tearing them down and saying things like “this show is slipping” just because you had a bad reaction to an episode is ridiculous.

So in conclusion, if you didn’t like an episode, I can almost guarantee that it’s not the writers’ responsibility.  You don’t need to go looking for someone to blame or punish.  Just say you didn’t like it.  Politely.  Be an adult.

Rant Over.


Stop Hating On The Writers!

Gracyn Shinyei Interview.



Gracyn Shinyei as “Young Amara”

The first thing I need to say is that Gracyn is honestly one of the nicest people I have ever talked to.  Even though she is a super talented young actress, she still made time to answer my questions & that was after two straight days of filming as well as an awards gala she attended & I’m sure plenty of other things that would make anyone exhausted.

Anyway, down to business.  Here is the interview ::


Acting Questions ::


Question # 1 :: 

How old were you when you first started acting, what made you want to do it, & what is your favorite part of acting?

Answer # 1 ::

I was 4 years old and my favorite part is hanging out with new and old friends

Question # 2 ::

Did you watch Supernatural before being cast as Amara?  If yes, what is your favorite aspect of the show and if no, what made you decide to audition for it?

Answer # 2 ::

I had never seen the show but liked the idea of being a bad girl ha ha 

Question # 3 ::

Did you audition specifically for Amara or did you just audition for a part in general on the show?  

Answer # 3 ::

No I was invited to audition for the role of Amara but it was a different name to keep it a secret for the fans

Question # 4 ::

I personally love Amara.  I’m just fascinated by the character & learning new things about her each episode.  What is your favorite part about her? 

Answer # 4 ::

I think its that she can do many things and is very powerful 

Question # 5 ::

Without giving anything away, since you guys are filming several episodes ahead of what we are watching, do you think Amara would ever hurt Dean & vice-versa thanks to their “bond”?

Answer # 5 ::

 I don’t know what will happen as my part is done so far and I don’t get to see the next episode scripts 

Question # 6 ::

If you could play any other existing character from Supernatural, past or present, dead or alive, who would it be & why? 

Answer # 6 ::

I think I would like to be Crowley’s character as his is a bad seed and gets into trouble too.

Question # 7 :: 

How much fun was it to have a conversation in a mirror with the older version of your character?

Answer # 7 ::

It was very cool. Emily and I were in the same room for the scenes and got to talk between takes but then they also did special effects to make it magical looking.

Question # 8 ::

The relationship between Amara & Crowley is interesting to say the very least.  Do you think Amara has any loyalty to her “father/uncle” because he took her in or would she kill him if it served her own purposes?  And what was it like working with Mark Shepard?  

Answer # 8 ::

Mark is awesome and like a real life uncle. I think she would be loyal to him and not hurt him I hope. 

Question # 9 ::

Which was your favorite scene to film 

Answer # 9 ::

I think the talking to Crowley and asking for more “food” 

Question # 10 ::

So far all she has done is eat souls, which granted has made people kill.  But still, she isn’t out there murdering millions so do you see Amara as a “villain” or more of a misunderstood girl who was, as she claims, “tricked” by God? 

Answer # 10 ::

I think that’s a good mystery for all of us heee heee


Non-Acting Questions ::


Question # 1 :: 

What is your favorite animal?

Answer # 1 :: 

Dogs!!!! A German Sheppard infact

Question # 2 ::

If you could have any one power ((super speed, strength, invisibility, etc)), what would it be & why? 

Answer # 2 ::

I think invisibility so I could sneak around and get into trouble and no one would see me do it.

Question # 3 ::  

What is your favorite book?

Answer # 3 ::

I am reading Little House on the Prairie chapter books right now but my real favorite ting to read are 1960’s Archie comics

Gracyn Shinyei Interview.

11.06. “Our Little World.”






So I’m not sure why a lot of people are up in arm’s about the fact that Amara was revealed to be God’s sister.  I think it’s actually a really interesting idea.  God is supposed to be all about light & creation so it kind of makes sense to me that his sister would be the opposite of that.  It also makes sense, to me at least, that Amara would feel connected to Dean, even without the “bond” of the mark.  Dean has always been more connected to the angelic/god side of things than Sam, what with having been Michael’s true vessel & being closer to Cas.

In line with that, I feel like maybe the visions Sam are having might not be from God but might be from Lucifer since Sam has always been more in wavelength with the devil/demon side of things.  They certainly seem more Lucifer-y than God-y, what with the needles to the eyes & the cage.  If this IS the case, it seems pretty darn likely that Lucifer will make a reappearance at some point which makes me incredibly happy.

Now let’s talk about something that makes me incredibly UNhappy.  Metatron.  Metadouche is what I call him.  I can’t STAND him.  Unlike other characters who I dislike when they first make an appearance but then they grow on me, like Rowena, he simply just keeps getting worse.  I was so hoping that Cas would take him out once they got the information they needed.  I’m slightly dissapointed that he just let him go.  I, like Dean, repeated the question “you let Metatron go” several times in disbelief.  So here’s hoping that Cas was right that the whole heavenly host will take him out if he makes a single wrong move.  Which he will.

Anyway, back to Amara.  Her relationships with Crowley & Dean are fascinating to say the very least.  Let’s look at her & Crowley first.  I love Crowley, I do, but he has been behaving kind of oddly lately.  Well, ever since he binged on blood actually.  First he goes all nice & helpful, then he goes even further & bromances with Dean.  Then Sam tries to kill him & he returns to evil again for like a minute.  Then he goes all “fatherly” with Amara.  I mean, he sincerely seems like he’s trying to help her, not just siphon off her power, though granted that would be a plus.  But then he tries to kill Dean, going evil again.  He’s like a freaking yo-yo.

But aside from that, every conversation he & Amara have had has been really intriguing, all the way from the first one they had when she was young & they discussed the nature of good vs. evil right up to the one they had where Crowley asked her to give him more time, slowing down in her devouring of souls & in exchange he would teach her things she might not know yet.  Unfortunately, for Crowley anyway, he might have gone one step too far with attempting to kill Dean.

Which brings me to the relationship between Dean & Amara.  I know that Dean intellectually knows the darkness is an incredible force that could destroy the world & he needs to do whatever he can to get rid of it, I’m not sure if it came right down to it he could hurt Amara, like she also seems to believe.  I actually think she was hurt when Dean came at her with the knife.  When she raised a hand to fling him away, there definitely was a flash of pain.  & Now Amara is in the wind.  I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen now.  The Winchesters are in trouble.


11.06. “Our Little World.”