The Road So Far…

So I had to wait a full day after Supernatural Day was over to post this, just to give myself the proper amount of time to really put into words what this show has meant to me over the last nearly dozen years now. Since 2005, when those fateful words “Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been back in a few days” were uttered, “Supernatural” has been captivating audience members of all ages, from all backgrounds in all different countries. It’s hard to really pinpoint the many reasons for this but I think I’ve nailed down at least a few of them.

1.) “Supernatural” is not just a show about monster hunters. I mean the concept of fighting and killing all the creepy crawly things that go bump in the night is definitely what drew me in those first few episodes, but if that’s all it was, I think a lot of people would lose interest after a while and this show would have been packing its bags by season three. But once you get past the outer shell of two brothers crossing the country to slay creatures, there is so much more.

Unless you happened to be raised by yourself without a single living soul for company ever, I think that the biggest theme within the show that radiates with everyone is family. Seeing how far someone will go for their family and learning that the word ‘family’ need not only describe those related to you by blood ((thanks for the lesson, Bobby!)) is pulled off in an incredibly powerful manner in this show.

Another concept we get to see a lot of throughout the years is the ever changing line between good and evil and exactly what it means to be either. We get to see multiple characters tread that line…and a few even play an exasperating game of leapfrog with it…proving that no one is only one or the other, but that there is a little of both in each of us. What we really come away with from that with is the knowledge and assurance that it’s the part you choose to act on that shows which of the two you truly are.

2.) “Supernatural” is more than just the show. “Supernatural” is the people in the show, the people behind the show, and the people who watch the show. The community built by “Supernatural” is one of the largest and strongest in the world.  Everyone in the “Supernatural” family has a common interest ((and by interest I mean obsession)) that brings them together.  I have seen some truly touching stories of people who have never met each other in person going the extra mile to make another Supernaturalite feel special or loved.

The cast members’ interactions with each other and with the fans are truly genuine ((and I can vouch for this having met several of them at a recent con)), and turn them from on-screen characters into real people.  And these real people are real life heroes to a lot of us with the kinds of charities they support and the fundraisers they create.  Heroes I am proud to have watched grown up over the last decade plus both on screen and off.  And I think we’ve grown up with them.

Unless of course we’re sitting on our car jamming out to “Eye of the Tiger.”


The Road So Far…

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