Returning From The Dead.

So I, like our beloved show Supernatural does on occasion ((and in fact is doing right now due to the season coming to a close)), took a little hiatus but I am back to posting now and thought I’d kick things off with a little list I like to call ::

11 Reasons You Know You Should Have Been Born In The Supernatural Reality & Not Ours.

1.) Every time you see a Chevy Impala on the road you wave at it and say “hi baby” even if your windows might accidentally be rolled down and the person driving the car gives you the strangest look you might have ever received.

2.) You never say “oh my god” or “for the love of god” anymore, but instead replace the word “God” with “Chuck” because come on, he was absolutely hysterical & a perfect God.

3.) Every time…and I mean every time…the lights flicker, instead of remaining calm like a normal person and looking for the fuse box, you look for the salt.

4.) Every time someone mentions the word ‘devil’ or ‘satan’ you just start cracking up thinking of Lucifer sulking in Dean’s room, listening to loud punk music in an angsty teenage rebellion type way.

5.) You will never look at pudding the same way again.

6.) LARPing is actually cool & fun & not at all lame.

7.) You are more certain than ever before that family truly doesn’t end with blood.

8.) You know that death is not always goodbye forever. 

9.) Families never give up on each other. 

10.) You know that no matter how badly you fight with your siblings, you will never ever come close to being the world’s largest sibling feud, thanks to Chuck & Amara, who should really be their own tv show.


11.) You are well aware that the driver picks the music & shotgun shuts their cake hole.







Returning From The Dead.

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