Last Words.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about last words lately.  I think this probably stems from the fact that I lost my absolute favorite person in the world, my grandfather, in May, and ever since then I find myself trying to remember what his last words to me were.

Then I thought about “Supernatural” & all the people Sam & Dean have lost over the years.  And I realized that almost every single person they love that they lost has more than one set of last words to them.  Let’s take a stroll down last words lane, shall we?

John Winchester — ((before he died)) He asked Sam for a cup of coffee, & told Dean he might have to kill his brother if he couldn’t save him. — ((after he died)) As a young John Winchester, he was informing the boys in alarm, “I drew one on the back of the door. I turned around. And when I looked back again, it was a smudge.”

Mary Winchester — ((before she died)) To Dean, she says “Let’s say goodnight to your brother” & she shouts “Sammy” while running back to the nursery. — ((after she died)) This one is a little tricky.  Her younger version says “there’s no more holy oil” to them before the big fight begins in “The Song Remains The Same” episode.  However, three episodes later, the boys find themselves in heaven reliving past memories & in that one, the true Mary Winchester gives Dean a hug & says “you are my little angel.”

Bobby Singer — ((before he died)) Waking briefly from his coma, he delivers his famous “idjits” line. — ((after he died)) Right before the boys burn his flask, he tells them, “Here’s to… running into you guys on the other side. Only… not too soon. All right?”

Jo Harvelle — ((before she died)) When Dean tells her he’s planning to see her on the other side, probably sooner rather than later, she gives him a shotgun & says, “make it later.”  — ((after she died)) She returns as a ghost when Osiris has Dean on trial in Season 7.  She tells Dean “he’s making me do this” when about to kill Dean in an explosion.

Ellen Harvelle — ((before she died)) She informed Dean to “kick it in the ass.  Don’t miss” right before the explosion she died in. — ((after she died)) This one shouldn’t really count because the timeline was erased but technically she returned in Season 6’s “My Heart Will Go On”, helping with the research from Bobby’s.  Her last words on the phone were “Yeah, me neither.  I’ll keep digging.”

Kevin Tran — ((before he died)) To Sam, or rather to Gadreel, Kevin says about Dean, “between you and me, I’m a little worried about him”. — ((after he died)) As a ghost, after reuniting with his Mom, Kevin asks the boys for a favor & when getting an agreeable response, his final word to them is “good.”

Charlie Bradbury — ((before she died…the first time)) Right when the witch is about to kill Dean, she shouts “no” & leaps in front of him. — ((before she died again)) Charlie, in the motel’s bathroom with Elton Styne bearing down on her, tells Dean on the phone, “I can’t do that Dean.”

Pamela Barnes — ((before she died)) She told Sam in a whisper, “If you think you have good intentions, think again”. — ((after she died)) Up in heaven, her parting words to Sam were “watch your ass” & her parting words to Dean, after kissing him, were, “Yup, just how I imagined.”

Ash — ((before he died)) Ash tells Dean on the phone, “Make time, okay? Because this – Not only does this almost definitely help you find your brother, this is, ah, it’s huge. So get here. Now.” — ((after he died)) At his little roadhouse heaven, Ash helps the boys find a path to the garden & just before they leave, he says, “Gentlemen, don’t mean to be a downer or anything, but I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again.”

Losing someone is never going to be easy & maybe we cling to these ideas of last words as some kind of comfort but in reality, if you really think about it, “last” words sounds maybe like you’ve given up.  Like you truly never expect or want to hear their voice again, whether it be through a memory in your head, your heart, or even a home video.  Like you never want to tell or hear stories about them.  Like you just want to erase them from existence by placing a period on their life with “last words”.

If “Supernatural” has taught me anything beyond its core messages about good & evil, light & dark, & family, it has taught me that living a good life leaves marks on other people.  You can continue living through the people you loved, touched & inspired while alive.  SO maybe, just maybe, like in “Supernatural”, last words don’t always have to be last words.






Last Words.