Plot Holes & Extras.

Plot Holes ::

So one thing that really bothers me about shows in general is when they don’t follow their own plot.  I understand that different writers are writing different episodes but it’s not all that hard to look back and the synopsis of the show and keep to basic things.  A few shows, like Bones & 7th Heaven have so many that I stopped watching them.  Supernatural, as far as I can tell, does a pretty good job following their own plot ((though this might be because I am biased and don’t want to look too hard lol)).  The one thing that just jumps out at me when I think of plot holes for this show is when Dean is sent back in time & meets up with his father in the diner.  John is talking to the older man who tells him to say hello to his father for him & John says “will do”…but as we all know, John’s father time travelled to Sam & Dean’s era & ended up dying.  And all this happened when John was just a kid, so John clearly would not be able to say hello to his father for the older man.

Extras ::

So I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed that Supernatural has a tendency to bring back a lot of the same actors & actresses to play different extras on the show.  I think it’s kind of fascinating.  I’m going to list all the ones I can remember, but I’m sure I will miss a few.  Here goes.

Ty Olson — Played Eli in Season 2 before he came back as Benny in the later seasons

Erica Carroll — Had two different roles in the episodes “Faith” & “Something Wicked” before returning as the recurring role of Hannah

Emily Tennant — She was the upset Paris Hilton Fan # 1 in “Fallen Idols” in Season 5 & then returned to play Tasha, Kate’s sister, in “Paper Moon”

Elysia Rotaru — She essentially played two hooker roles, appearing first as Victoria in “Of Grave Importance” in Season 7, returning in Season 10’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” as Shaylene

Laci J. Mailey — First appearance was in “There Will Be Blood” in Season 7 where she portrayed Emily, the girl kidnapped by the Alpha Vampire; she then returned for two episodes in Season 11 as Jenna, the cop the boys met in the premiere.

Ryan Grantham — Playing Todd in Season 4’s “Wishful Thinking”, he then had a very small cameo role in Season 11’s Premiere as the hunting boy that Cas told to run so he wouldn’t hurt him

Nicholas Carella — Playing the janitor in Season 6’s “Mannequin 3: The Reckoning”, he then returned in Season 9’s “#Thinman” as Norwood

Gordon Michael Woolvett — He first appeared as the deputy in Season 7’s “Frontierland” & then returned as Ezra in Season 9’s “King of the Damned”

Like I said, I’m sure I’ve probably missed some, but these were just a few things I’d been thinking about lately, trying to get through the “hell-atus”






Plot Holes & Extras.

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