Gracyn Shinyei Interview.



Gracyn Shinyei as “Young Amara”

The first thing I need to say is that Gracyn is honestly one of the nicest people I have ever talked to.  Even though she is a super talented young actress, she still made time to answer my questions & that was after two straight days of filming as well as an awards gala she attended & I’m sure plenty of other things that would make anyone exhausted.

Anyway, down to business.  Here is the interview ::


Acting Questions ::


Question # 1 :: 

How old were you when you first started acting, what made you want to do it, & what is your favorite part of acting?

Answer # 1 ::

I was 4 years old and my favorite part is hanging out with new and old friends

Question # 2 ::

Did you watch Supernatural before being cast as Amara?  If yes, what is your favorite aspect of the show and if no, what made you decide to audition for it?

Answer # 2 ::

I had never seen the show but liked the idea of being a bad girl ha ha 

Question # 3 ::

Did you audition specifically for Amara or did you just audition for a part in general on the show?  

Answer # 3 ::

No I was invited to audition for the role of Amara but it was a different name to keep it a secret for the fans

Question # 4 ::

I personally love Amara.  I’m just fascinated by the character & learning new things about her each episode.  What is your favorite part about her? 

Answer # 4 ::

I think its that she can do many things and is very powerful 

Question # 5 ::

Without giving anything away, since you guys are filming several episodes ahead of what we are watching, do you think Amara would ever hurt Dean & vice-versa thanks to their “bond”?

Answer # 5 ::

 I don’t know what will happen as my part is done so far and I don’t get to see the next episode scripts 

Question # 6 ::

If you could play any other existing character from Supernatural, past or present, dead or alive, who would it be & why? 

Answer # 6 ::

I think I would like to be Crowley’s character as his is a bad seed and gets into trouble too.

Question # 7 :: 

How much fun was it to have a conversation in a mirror with the older version of your character?

Answer # 7 ::

It was very cool. Emily and I were in the same room for the scenes and got to talk between takes but then they also did special effects to make it magical looking.

Question # 8 ::

The relationship between Amara & Crowley is interesting to say the very least.  Do you think Amara has any loyalty to her “father/uncle” because he took her in or would she kill him if it served her own purposes?  And what was it like working with Mark Shepard?  

Answer # 8 ::

Mark is awesome and like a real life uncle. I think she would be loyal to him and not hurt him I hope. 

Question # 9 ::

Which was your favorite scene to film 

Answer # 9 ::

I think the talking to Crowley and asking for more “food” 

Question # 10 ::

So far all she has done is eat souls, which granted has made people kill.  But still, she isn’t out there murdering millions so do you see Amara as a “villain” or more of a misunderstood girl who was, as she claims, “tricked” by God? 

Answer # 10 ::

I think that’s a good mystery for all of us heee heee


Non-Acting Questions ::


Question # 1 :: 

What is your favorite animal?

Answer # 1 :: 

Dogs!!!! A German Sheppard infact

Question # 2 ::

If you could have any one power ((super speed, strength, invisibility, etc)), what would it be & why? 

Answer # 2 ::

I think invisibility so I could sneak around and get into trouble and no one would see me do it.

Question # 3 ::  

What is your favorite book?

Answer # 3 ::

I am reading Little House on the Prairie chapter books right now but my real favorite ting to read are 1960’s Archie comics

Gracyn Shinyei Interview.

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