Dean Or Sam?

So I’m just curious.  I said in my ‘favorites’ thread who my preferred brother is & I’m wondering who out there agrees or disagrees with me.  So state which Winchester is your favorite & give a reason why.


Dean Or Sam?

Gracyn Shinyei Interview.



Gracyn Shinyei as “Young Amara”

The first thing I need to say is that Gracyn is honestly one of the nicest people I have ever talked to.  Even though she is a super talented young actress, she still made time to answer my questions & that was after two straight days of filming as well as an awards gala she attended & I’m sure plenty of other things that would make anyone exhausted.

Anyway, down to business.  Here is the interview ::


Acting Questions ::


Question # 1 :: 

How old were you when you first started acting, what made you want to do it, & what is your favorite part of acting?

Answer # 1 ::

I was 4 years old and my favorite part is hanging out with new and old friends

Question # 2 ::

Did you watch Supernatural before being cast as Amara?  If yes, what is your favorite aspect of the show and if no, what made you decide to audition for it?

Answer # 2 ::

I had never seen the show but liked the idea of being a bad girl ha ha 

Question # 3 ::

Did you audition specifically for Amara or did you just audition for a part in general on the show?  

Answer # 3 ::

No I was invited to audition for the role of Amara but it was a different name to keep it a secret for the fans

Question # 4 ::

I personally love Amara.  I’m just fascinated by the character & learning new things about her each episode.  What is your favorite part about her? 

Answer # 4 ::

I think its that she can do many things and is very powerful 

Question # 5 ::

Without giving anything away, since you guys are filming several episodes ahead of what we are watching, do you think Amara would ever hurt Dean & vice-versa thanks to their “bond”?

Answer # 5 ::

 I don’t know what will happen as my part is done so far and I don’t get to see the next episode scripts 

Question # 6 ::

If you could play any other existing character from Supernatural, past or present, dead or alive, who would it be & why? 

Answer # 6 ::

I think I would like to be Crowley’s character as his is a bad seed and gets into trouble too.

Question # 7 :: 

How much fun was it to have a conversation in a mirror with the older version of your character?

Answer # 7 ::

It was very cool. Emily and I were in the same room for the scenes and got to talk between takes but then they also did special effects to make it magical looking.

Question # 8 ::

The relationship between Amara & Crowley is interesting to say the very least.  Do you think Amara has any loyalty to her “father/uncle” because he took her in or would she kill him if it served her own purposes?  And what was it like working with Mark Shepard?  

Answer # 8 ::

Mark is awesome and like a real life uncle. I think she would be loyal to him and not hurt him I hope. 

Question # 9 ::

Which was your favorite scene to film 

Answer # 9 ::

I think the talking to Crowley and asking for more “food” 

Question # 10 ::

So far all she has done is eat souls, which granted has made people kill.  But still, she isn’t out there murdering millions so do you see Amara as a “villain” or more of a misunderstood girl who was, as she claims, “tricked” by God? 

Answer # 10 ::

I think that’s a good mystery for all of us heee heee


Non-Acting Questions ::


Question # 1 :: 

What is your favorite animal?

Answer # 1 :: 

Dogs!!!! A German Sheppard infact

Question # 2 ::

If you could have any one power ((super speed, strength, invisibility, etc)), what would it be & why? 

Answer # 2 ::

I think invisibility so I could sneak around and get into trouble and no one would see me do it.

Question # 3 ::  

What is your favorite book?

Answer # 3 ::

I am reading Little House on the Prairie chapter books right now but my real favorite ting to read are 1960’s Archie comics

Gracyn Shinyei Interview.

11.06. “Our Little World.”






So I’m not sure why a lot of people are up in arm’s about the fact that Amara was revealed to be God’s sister.  I think it’s actually a really interesting idea.  God is supposed to be all about light & creation so it kind of makes sense to me that his sister would be the opposite of that.  It also makes sense, to me at least, that Amara would feel connected to Dean, even without the “bond” of the mark.  Dean has always been more connected to the angelic/god side of things than Sam, what with having been Michael’s true vessel & being closer to Cas.

In line with that, I feel like maybe the visions Sam are having might not be from God but might be from Lucifer since Sam has always been more in wavelength with the devil/demon side of things.  They certainly seem more Lucifer-y than God-y, what with the needles to the eyes & the cage.  If this IS the case, it seems pretty darn likely that Lucifer will make a reappearance at some point which makes me incredibly happy.

Now let’s talk about something that makes me incredibly UNhappy.  Metatron.  Metadouche is what I call him.  I can’t STAND him.  Unlike other characters who I dislike when they first make an appearance but then they grow on me, like Rowena, he simply just keeps getting worse.  I was so hoping that Cas would take him out once they got the information they needed.  I’m slightly dissapointed that he just let him go.  I, like Dean, repeated the question “you let Metatron go” several times in disbelief.  So here’s hoping that Cas was right that the whole heavenly host will take him out if he makes a single wrong move.  Which he will.

Anyway, back to Amara.  Her relationships with Crowley & Dean are fascinating to say the very least.  Let’s look at her & Crowley first.  I love Crowley, I do, but he has been behaving kind of oddly lately.  Well, ever since he binged on blood actually.  First he goes all nice & helpful, then he goes even further & bromances with Dean.  Then Sam tries to kill him & he returns to evil again for like a minute.  Then he goes all “fatherly” with Amara.  I mean, he sincerely seems like he’s trying to help her, not just siphon off her power, though granted that would be a plus.  But then he tries to kill Dean, going evil again.  He’s like a freaking yo-yo.

But aside from that, every conversation he & Amara have had has been really intriguing, all the way from the first one they had when she was young & they discussed the nature of good vs. evil right up to the one they had where Crowley asked her to give him more time, slowing down in her devouring of souls & in exchange he would teach her things she might not know yet.  Unfortunately, for Crowley anyway, he might have gone one step too far with attempting to kill Dean.

Which brings me to the relationship between Dean & Amara.  I know that Dean intellectually knows the darkness is an incredible force that could destroy the world & he needs to do whatever he can to get rid of it, I’m not sure if it came right down to it he could hurt Amara, like she also seems to believe.  I actually think she was hurt when Dean came at her with the knife.  When she raised a hand to fling him away, there definitely was a flash of pain.  & Now Amara is in the wind.  I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen now.  The Winchesters are in trouble.


11.06. “Our Little World.”

THE Knife.


I love this thing.  I got it from someone through an online shop & I sleep with it under my pillow.  Like a true hunter.  Not going to lie…sometimes if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night, I’ll pretend I heard something “supernatural” approaching & pull out my demon-killing knife lol 🙂

THE Knife.


Ok, so I thought I would start things off by listing a few of my favorite things ((episodes, characters, etc)) & explaining why they are my favorites.


1.)  I will start with just the show in general.


Supernatual has been my favorite show since it aired but the reasoning behind this has changed a little as the years have gone by.  I will confess that the only reason I watched the pilot episode was that I heard one of the main characters shared my name.  Sam.  I really wasn’t 100% convinced I was going to like the plot as I’d never really been into any sort of supernatural type show ((ie :: Buffy, Vampire Diaries, etc)).  But I watched, & not a day goes by that I don’t thank Eric Kripke and whoever else decided the younger brother’s name was going to be Sam because I don’t think I ever would have forgiven myself if I hadn’t introduced this show to my life.


My reasoning for loving the show quickly moved past just the fact that Sam and I shared a name ((and that I consistently got to hear Jensen saying my name but that’s a whole different story)), & began to become more about the actual plot.  The intricacies and nuances of this world where vampires needed to be beheaded rather than staked through the heart & salt & iron were common monster problems were just so well written and intrieging that I found myself drawn in.


The writing was another thing I was very impressed with.  Dean’s quick wit, Sam’s compassion, Castiel’s very literal angel-ness, Bobby’s surliness…the list goes on.  The writers were able to create so many completely different characters that are all just incredibly deep, well rounded people who seem real, even when they aren’t.  You hardly see people online arguing about characters who are two demensional and flat.  But these characters strike up controversial conversations and passionate reactions on almost every level.


And, of course, my number one favorite thing about this show that keeps me coming back to it year after year, would be the relationship between the brothers.  I am an older sister so the complete protective feeling that Dean radiates, I completely get.  The way that the two of them take on the world together no matter what comes their way is just so…there has to be a better word than ‘heartwarming’ but I’ll go with that for now.  Their bond ties the whole show together.  You can count on it, even when the obstacles between them seem so overwhelming that you aren’t sure how they’re going to get past them.  Somehow they do.  Every time.


2.)  Character ::


Dean.  Hands down.  I mean, I know I share a name with Sam and that’s the reason I started watching the show & all, but I am a Dean-girl all the way.  His devotion to his family, his quick-wit & sharp tongue, his mad skills in the hand-to-hand combat as well as hunting in general…and just about anything else he does…these are just scratching the surface of why I love him.


3.)  Episode ::


This is a bit trickier.  There are so many episodes that I adore & have watched probably close to one hundred times.  Not an exageration.  I’m honestly not sure I could pin-point just one so I will list five that are too good not to acknowledge.  Now I know, I know, you may be thinking five is too many, but given the fact that there are over 200 episodes to choose from, and given the fact that I have watched them all dozens of times, consider yourself lucky I stopped with just five.  😀 So here we go.  In no particular order.


a) “Swan Song” — I mean, come on.  I think everyone has to have this in their top ten.  Top five even.  It truly highlights the brothers’ bond.  If Dean won’t abandon Sam when he has the freaking devil inside, pulling the strings, he never will.  And Chuck ((or as he’s better known, God, let’s be real here)) with his little voice-over about the tests they’d been up against &  how they chose family.  Then there was the montage of clips, ending with the brothers hugging.  Not gonna lie.  Tears.  Plenty of them.


b) “Fan Fiction” — This has to be in here.  Just the sheer fact that they did an episode like this makes me so overwhelmingly happy every time I think about it.  The Supernatural Creative Team really just shows their fan-base how much they appreciate them with this one.  The songs are catchy, and the little running gags about things like “Destiel” ((which for the record I do not ship but hey to each their own)) really show that they do pay attention to what fans are saying about the show.  Plus, I mean, it’s a show about a musical about a show!  Say that five times fast.


c) “French Mistake” — So long as we’re talking meta-episodes, this one is right up there with the other one.  I can’t get through it without laughing so hard I have to pause it to breathe normally so I don’t suffocate.  Jared, Jensen & Misha’s ability to laugh at themselves & make fun of themselves like they did in this episode is so humbling and just really showcases what talented & yet still down-to-earth people they are.


d) “Reichenbach” — Jumping way forward again, this episode is in my list for one reason only.  I mean, there were plenty of reasons that made it a good episode, but the singular reason that catapaults it past other episodes like it belongs to Jensen Ackles.  His performance of Demon Dean was oscar worthy.  The fight with Cole in this episode gave me chills.  The way he spoke.  His expression & demeanor were spot on perfect.


e) “Sacrifice” — Another one put in the list because of the boys & their brotherly bond.  While I do like the episode in its entirety, this one is actually just here because of the one speech delivered by Dean in the church when Sam is struggling with the idea of whether or not to finish the trial which will kill him, or not.  The words “don’t you dare think that there is anything…past or present…that I would put in front of you” never fail to make me choke up.  It just summarizes their life perfectly.


4.) Villain ::


I’m not sure you can really call her a villain quite yet but I am fascinated with Amara ((“the darkness”)).  I mean as of right now, she’s simply a teenage girl getting annoyed with her foster father ((“Crowley”)) & eating souls.  So no she’s not what you’d call an angel ((which offends her so don’t call her one anyway)), but she’s not like Dick Roman or Abadon villain-y, taking down truckloads of people right out of the gate for fun or profit.  Still, from what we’ve heard about her & her abilities, I would not rule her out as the greatest villain they’ve ever faced and therefore she’s my favorite.


Though I do have to say, Rowena, who I did not like at all when she first made her appearance on the show, has grown massively on me and she is a close second.


5.) Demon ((other than Crowley)) ::


I’m going to go Ruby on this one.  It was a toss up between her & Meg since they both had pretty snarky personalities with boundless sarcasm, but Ruby wins the title for the single reason that she was the one who gave the boys their demon-killing knife.  That thing saved their lives on multiple occassions.


6.) Angel ((other than Cas)) ::


I would have immediately said Hannah, before the episode where she turned on Cas & tried to manipluate him for the Winchesters location.  But I don’t really have a back-up favorite ((other than Cas)) angel so we’ll stick with Hannah.


Although as an afterthought, Balthazar was kinda cool with his snark and sassiness.  So I pick him instead.


7.) Hunter ((other than Sam & Dean)) ::


Bobby.  Enough said.


8.) Hunter-In-Training ::


Charlie.  I loved her.  I’m not so sure why lots of people found her annoying or “mary-sueish”.  She was quirky & smart & clearly loved Sam & Dean like brothers.  She is also the deliverer of a line that I use possibly more than any other supernatural quote: “I’m a wee bit obsessive…if wee bit means completely.”  RIP Charlie


9.) Deceased Relative ((other than John & Mary)


Henry Winchester.  I thought he was adorable.  Through multiple episodes you could see how much he loved his wife Milie & their son John.  He was a true family man, more like Dean than I’m sure either would admit.


10.) Quote ::


Yeah right.  I could write a book with just my favorite quotes from this show.  Picking one isn’t going to happen.  Picking fifty isn’t going to happen.  But I’ll leave you with this ::


“We hunt monsters.  You know who does that??  Crazy People!  We are insane.”